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Professional Endorsements


Edward (Ted) Bassett, Jr.
Mirick, O’Connell

Westborough, Massachusetts

It is my privilege to recommend Dan Ramsdell to co-counsel.  I have had the pleasure of working with Dan over the past two and a half years.  Dan has helped me with several cases. I cannot imagine handling any of my interstate trucking cases without having Dan to consult with.  His knowledge of the law; his connections with the best experts in the country and his passion make him a delight to work with.  I cannot think of any other lawyer I would rather work with on a major trucking case than Dan.


E. Marcus Davis
Davis, Zipperman, Kirschenbaum & Lotito

Atlanta, Georgia

I met Dan 2 years ago at an Atlanta APITLA seminar and was incredibly impressed with him and his comprehensive knowledge of trucking. I have attended two APITLA seminars since-one in Las Vegas and one in Raleigh.  Both seminars were outstanding and the knowledge I gleaned was immediately useful in some of my pending cases.  Dan was chief organizer and speaker at both.  Since that time I have associated Dan in an interstate trucking case in Indiana and am working with him in another case in Georgia.  I am incredibly impressed with Dan's comprehensive knowledge of interstate trucking matters, his integrity, work ethic and enthusiasm.  He is a delight to work with
and I am learning a great deal about trucking litigation by working with him.  I feel that with his help, we will maximize the recovery for the plaintiffs in both cases.


David Sweat
Rue & Ziffra, P.A.

Port Orange, Florida
I have worked with Dan Ramsdell intensively on a complex commercial carrier case over the nearly last two years.  My experience with Dan has been both impressive and enjoyable.  Dan has brought a deep and useful knowledge of the commercial carrier industry as well as the regulations and a real world ability to apply this knowledge in effective tactical and strategic applications to benefit my client.   His energy and commitment are unparalleled.

Matthew Bavaro
Bavaro Legal, P.A.

Plantation, Florida
I have been working with Dan on a fatigue fatality case.  He has been great to work with and his work product is fantastic. At first we were not sure if we were going to bring anybody on board with us to litigate this case, but fortunately we decided to bring Dan on board.  His experience in these cases is second to none and we would have clearly made a big mistake not bringing someone on board of Dan's caliber.

Gregory Cusimano
Cusimano Keener Roberts Kimberley & Miles, PC

Gadsden, Alabama
Dan actually founded The Association of Plaintiff Interstate Trucking Lawyers of America (APITLA). He now serves as National Director. Prior to that he was head of AAJ’s Trucking Litigation Group. Interstate trucking has been his passion and specialty since I first met him several years ago. He is a workaholic! I don’t know how he does as much as he does. I know other lawyers have associated Dan for trucking cases. He has completed at least one “Overcoming Jury Bias” college or program and continues to strengthen his trial skills through continuing education. Dan knows this stuff.

Jon Papin
Cogan & Power

Chicago, Illinois

I am happy to be able to tell you about Dan Ramsdell. In the past, most of my professional career was spent doing medical malpractice. Then in 2006 I landed a multiple death trucking case, despite having no trucking experience and no real idea how they worked. Ramsdell chaired and spoke at an AAJ trucking seminar. His course materials were awesome. I didn't know him then. But his course materials helped me deal with the strategies and candidly the outright lies from the trucking company. The trucking company in that case, Millis Transfer Inc., couldn't tell the truth. Not about the extent of its insurance coverage or the driving record of its dead trucker etc. That case settled for me for $13,000,000 ($11,000,000 in insurance coverage and $2,000,000 in personal money for all their lying).

I joined Ramsdell's organization APITLA in 2009. Through that organization I got to know him. Then I realized he was the guy who wrote the AAJ materials that enabled me to hammer MillisTransfer  Inc.  And the APITLA seminars have made me a much more skilled, dangerous and knowledgeable trucking lawyer. But I am not Ramsdell. That's why I bring him in on the high dollar trucking cases. He helps me maximize the money.

Dan has worked with me for the last year or so on a large  trucking  case involving a client who was rendered a quadriplegic by a fatigued trucker. I am so grateful for his advice which has shaped our case strategy. This case has every issue you could imagine -- trucker fatigue, drug use, punitive damages, alter ego liability, shipper liability etc.

I will give you a small example of the skill and experience he brings.  In our current case the trucker's urine tested positive for pot. The state of Illinois indicted the trucker based on this evidence. The state drew blood too but didn't have it tested. Ramsdell told me the positive urine test will be inadmissible in a civil trial and I needed the blood to be tested.
He told me how to approach the prosecutor to get this done. Our firm paid for the blood testing, which came back positive. Using this evidence we now have an expert toxicologist who will time the trucker’s pot use. Without Ramsdell's advice I would have relied on the positive urine test, which would have been barred at trial. The rest of the list of his advice on the case is long and privileged. Here is the important part.

The trucking company and its shell corporations have agreed to turn over their financials. Like Millis Transfer the trucking company in our current case will have to pay its policies plus personal money to settle. With Ramsdell's help and advice I have been all over the trucking companies and its satellite shell corporations. Then there is the shipper case....

Ramsdell will be worth the cost of admission.

John Romano
Romano Law Group

Lake Worth, Florida
Dan is a splendid litigator. He has probably forgotten more about Trucking Law/Strategy/Tactics than I have learned. He IS a Trucking Litigation Guru with an in-depth knowledge of the law, rules, regs, combating defenses, debunking trucking experts & planning strategic Discovery moves. I have worked with Dan on trucking matters, case projects, the teaching of trucking litigations steps & more. Just as importantly…Dan is a wonderful TEAM PLAYER! Anytime I can work with Dan Ramsdell on a case or project----I jump at the opportunity!

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